Thursday, June 10, 2010

And so it is

Well, the day arrived. Sara started chemo this afternoon. I was basically not invited to beginning event. Sara's sister Melissa made the trek from Heber City to the St. George to be with her little sister for this totally unreal event. Still seems distant to me, but I know that it is sitting square on my face like a 600 lbs Biggest Looser contestant. Cancer. But, I did get the call to bring some food to the treatment room, that was a interesting time. Sara was all plugged in and chilling in a plush lazy boy. It was her and two other fun ladies. They were fun, first one lady is the mother of the Southern Miss Defensive Coordinator Todd Bradford. So that meant I could talk about college football for a few minutes, so it was awesome. Then the other funny old lady started telling use a story about her neighbor who is also an elderly woman. Apparently this neighbor lady suddenly became a grumpy lady. Sara's new chemo buddy feels this is because she is married to an 80 year old man and is experiencing a negative change in her sex life. Listening to an elderly woman discussing the sex life of other elderly women is funny, all of you should add it to your "to do" list. On a side note, chemo medication looks very much like cherry Koolaid. I feel it is a connection that really could be expanded on. The chemo experience could be enhanced if you had flavor options. The current metallic flavor is not popular with the focus groups we have met with. I think a passion fruit, wild raspberry or even Tigers Blood should be considered. Moving back to real issues, I went back to work and allowed Sara to complete this inagual treatment with her sister. Sara finished her treatment around 1pm and felt good enough to want an In n Out burger and to do a little post chemo treatment shopping. I will not complain about that, I was lucky enough to get a new pair of shoes out of the deal. And I am a total girl when it comes to shoes. So, now we will finally see how our lives change. Chemo makes this thing real on a whole nother level.

Before I go, just thought I would get input. How successful would a moble, in home, breast exam service be? Think about it, celebs have moble spray tan and hair stylests. Why not breast exams? Just an idea.

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