Thursday, June 17, 2010

A guys life

As some of you may be aware my wife has been up at her dads house all week with the kids. And that of course has meant that I have been living the single life. And by single life I mean I have been doing the things my wife doesn't let me do when she is home. The biggest and most fun for me has been the construction of my very own Mt. Dew fort! Yes, 33 year old men like building things out of cans. Your own personal moral affiliation usually dictates what type of cans are used, but not matter the beverage men like to stack empty cans. Mine currently sits in the middle of the kitchen island. It is surrounded by a variety of additional empty food containers. Along with my construction project I grown accustomed to using the bathroom with the doors wide open, its almost as much fun as peeing out side! The only thing that makes it weird is when my dog comes in and looks at me. To be honest it does creep me out a little and nearly caused "stage fright". I have since recovered.
It has been odd not having Sara and the kids around. My heart got squeezed the other night when Brinlee called from her Grandma Lori's house to tell me that she missed and needed me. She was crying and just wanted me to come and snuggle with her. She was real tired after having an extremely eventful day. It is great knowing that Sara is getting so much help up there. This first treatment of chemo hasn't knocked her down much, but we know that will change. It is great knowing that we have so much support.
Tomorrow is Friday and that will mark the end of my bachelor lifestyle. Tonight I will have to finish up my fort and then pickup the rest of my junk. I've had a good week, but I can't wait to see my family.

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