Saturday, June 5, 2010

Meltdown #2

So, this has been a banner week. One, there was enough junk going on at work this week to keep everyone busy enough with their own lives that I didn't get cornered with cancer questions. I know everyone means well and they do want to help and be supportive, but asking me the same questions daily gets rough. It may sound mean, but I do like getting away from the reality of it at times. But I find it difficult to find a place to hide from it all. I can only blame myself, I did tell everyone and the dog about this thing. But its not like I have ever known where my personal mute or edit button is. I am not shy, I generally don't get embarrassed by things, and I share. I share too much typically, just read my last post. Like I mentioned before, I know that people are only trying to show their love and support. So please don't stop showing me your support. I do like it. But just stagger it some. Maybe come up with a schedule like in college, MWF ask, TTH don't, Sat Sun get drunk and forget that you had something due on Monday.

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